Each of the 16 tarot cards included in the board game are based around the lyrics of 'Blue Desert' and are split into 4 realms: Territorial, Elemental, Occult & Sacred.

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You know I come from the blue desert
Where THE RED MOON glows
Where the sun never shines
I look up to the sky
But there is no God to see
I must be straight out of luck because
THE DEVIL's stood right behind me

Left with THE DEAD
Without a thought to believe
I got a WITCH inside my head
And she is gonna CRUCIFY me
I ain't going to hell
But heaven ain't where I belong
I don't need a man to tell me if I'm right
'Cause I'll SHOOT you if you think I'm wrong

I don't need the day
When I'm the darkest shade of the night
I'm THE BLACK CAT with the velvet tongue
I ain't got claws but don't think I won't bite
You can start THE FIRE
But I'll be the one who leaves the burn
I'll kick up DUST into your eyes
You won't see me 'cause I won't return

I ain't a HOLY ROLLER but I can see the Lord
In THE VALLEY OF THUNDER where I ride the storm
I ain't a holy roller but I was found alone
By a spirit of wonder on THE DESERT ROAD

She looked deep into me with DEMON EYES
That had seen the death of love
She was a WHITE LIGHT on the search for GOLD
From THE STAIRWAY of the clouds above
She had a black soul and a darker mind
She was the girl who the voice misled
She took my hand she held me down
She smiled and that's when she said

“No use living in a dream
Come on let your soul be free
'Cause there's nothing else to do here
Except me”

All 16 tarot cards are represented by 16 physical items within the cover of Faithless Rituals and are split into each of the four realms.

Can you identify them all?

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