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Faithless Rituals is a 2 to 4 player game where the objective is to be the first player to successfully navigate through the 5 realms and reach the WHITE LIGHT in the centre of the board. Players use the Fortuneteller to decide how many spaces they will move whilst tarot cards change the ritual (or rule) of each of the 4 inner realms - either to help themselves or hinder their opponents.


1 x Fortuneteller
4 x Playing Pieces

16 x Tarot cards


Before the game begins, the 16 tarot cards must be shuffled and then split up into the 4 realms and placed face down on the 4 designated tarot card spaces. The players then take turns to choose a card until every player has the same amount and there is 1 card remaining on each of the 4 tarot card spaces. In the case of a 3 or 4 player game, no player can hold 2 cards from the same realm. All players must hold the same number of cards throughout the game.

Each player must also choose a piece and place it on a starting position of their choice. The game begins with the youngest person spinning first.

Game Key


Unless otherwise stated by a tarot card, each player must continuously move clockwise around each realm until they land on a Portal. Portals work in both directions, a Portal entrance will take you to the next realm and a Portal exit will move you back to the previous realm.

The first player to land on a Portal entrance must turn over the appropriate tarot card to activate the ritual of the new realm they have just entered. Every player who enters the realm thereafter, has the option to change the tarot card for that realm with one from their own hand.

When landing on a Portal exit, a player must move to the previous realm and cannot change the tarot card of the realm they are returning to.

If a player lands on a Portal and enters another realm, the new ritual does not come into play until their next turn. Only the tarot card of the current turn is in play.

E.g. If a player enters the realm with THE DEAD tarot card in play, they do not then move backwards within that realm during that turn.

If a player lands on a Ritual Replacer they may change a ritual for any realm by swapping any face up tarot card with one from the same realm in their hand. Players cannot change a tarot card from a realm that has not yet been entered that is face down.

Once a player has entered a new realm and/or changed a ritual, they cannot do anything else.

A player can only swap a tarot card and replace a ritual during their own turn, not during an opponent’s turn. A player may land on a Portal entrance or Ritual Replacer as a result of an opponent moving their piece with either THE RED MOON, THE WITCH or THE DEMON EYES tarot cards. The player must wait until their next turn to change a tarot card. Doing this however will forfeit their spin.

If a player lands on a Ritual Replacer during their own turn and chooses not to change a tarot card, they cannot do this at the beginning of their next turn.


The only exceptions to landing on a Portal or Ritual Replacer is if a player has either THE DEAD or THE GOLD tarot card in play during their turn.

If a player has THE DEAD a tarot card in play, Portals and Ritual Replacers are only active when the player spins and moves forward onto these spaces. A player cannot move into another realm or change a tarot card when they have moved backwards the same amount of spaces as the last spin of a previous opponent.

If a player has THE GOLD tarot card in play and they land on a Portal entrance or a Ritual Replacer after spinning an even number, they can choose to move into the next realm and/or change a tarot card. This will forfeit their second spin, however. They may also avoid a Portal exit if they land on this space after spinning an even number as they may spin and move again.


1. A player ends their turn by passing the Fortuneteller clockwise to the next player. If they do not follow or enforce the ritual of their realm during their turn, the next player may choose to send them back to the nearest Portal entrance of the previous realm.

E.g. If a player has THE RED MOON tarot card in play, they must make sure every player has moved their piece before passing on the Fortuneteller.

2. Two rituals cannot be in effect during one players’ turn.

E.g. If a player is in the Sacred Realm with THE STAIRWAY tarot card and is moved as a result of an opponent’s turn who is in another realm, the player does NOT then move an extra space as THE STAIRWAY is not the ritual that is currently in play.

3. If a player lands on a space already occupied by an opponent, they may both share the space without any consequences.

HELPFUL HINT: Check the ritual of your realm before your turn.


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